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Take Control of Your Brand Identity

You know the drill. Want polos? Go to this vendor. Want caps? Go to that vendor. Want pens or a coffee mug? Go to another vendor. That's a lot of going, and potentially a recipe for brand identity marketing disaster.

Corporate Clothier works with medium and large businesses to bring all of your promotional products under one ecosystem to get rid of the going. You take complete control over your brand identity.

Employee Store

Employee Stores

Have a uniform or workwear program? Give your employees a place to easily get branded apparel and other merchandise.

Member Stores

Member Stores

Have an organization with members that need branded merchandise? Make it accessible to them with a member store.

Affinity Stores

Affinity Stores

Have a strong brand with fans that want your merch? Start a brand affinity store! We can provide branded merchandise to your fans.

What We Do
We manage your company store from start to finish.
No two brands are the same. We work with you to determine the products that work best for your brand and your budget. We also offer in-stock or on-demand options depending on your needs.
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Secure, Mobile Friendly Site
We use a robust platform that provides everything a company store could need, including various customer types, pricing options, logo options, discount options, and more.
Warehousing & Fulfillment
Most businesses do not have the capacity to handle the logistics of their promotional products in-house. We have ample warehouse space with trained staff, and every order is triple checked for accuracy.
Friendly Support Staff
Your staff will have questions.  Our staff will have answers.  We will be available to your staff by phone or email, and correspondence is always handled with a smile
We work with our clients to provide marketing materials such as flyers and emails to ensure your store is a success with your employees or members.
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Full Accounting & Reporting
We handle all the order processing and accounting of your store, then deliver monthly reports so you know the success of your store.
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Continuous Planning
We work with you consistently to refine your offering to better serve your brand, employees, and members.
Inventory Options
Most stores use a combination of in-stock and on-demand options.


For staple items that need quick fulfillment, we will warehouse pre-decorated items that are ready to ship.

Pros: Quick delivery


For a robust offering without upfront cost, we can provide an ordered and decorated on-demand offering.

Pros: No upfront cost

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